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Once upon a time, there was an old couple who were older và older day by day but still didn’t have a child. They prayed all days & nights lớn have a child to feel the happiness of parenthood. The king of heaven heard their prayed & moved for their wish. He sent a prince come khổng lồ be born as the old couple’s son. When the wife was pregnant, they were very happy, waiting for their child. 9 months were over, two years were over, the wife still didn’t give birth. The husband died, not have a chance khổng lồ see his son’s face. After three years, a boy was born. He was named Thạch Sanh. The mother loved him very much. However, she couldn’t live long with him. She died when he was still a kid. His fortune was a loin-cloth lớn wear, a wood-splitting hammer và a hutch under an old banyan tree. Thạch sanh tried lớn work hard every day. The King of heaven told a god come and teach him martial arts. Living on his own labor, Thạch sinh was very naive & honest.

When Thạch sinh was 18, he met an older man named Lý Thông. Lý Thông và his mother sold wine for living. Seeing that Thạch sanh was a strong và credulolous man, Lý Thông told him that he wanted to lớn be Thạch Sanh’s brother. Thạch sanh was very happy. They swore và became brothers. Lý Thông invited Thạch sanh came to lớn live with him and his mother. Thạch sanh felt so lucky lớn have a family. He moved to lớn Lý Thông’s house. He help his brother to do everything. Lý Thông & his mother were glad lớn have a miễn phí labor khổng lồ use.

One day, Lý Thông seemed khổng lồ be so sad. Thạch sanh worried and asked him the reason. Lý Thông said that night was time he had to guard the temple of village but he was too busy to lớn leave. He didn’t know how to vị because if he didn’t go, people in his village would blame on him. Thạch sinh was glad khổng lồ help his brother to lớn guard the temple. He didn’t know that Lý Thông had lain. Actually, there was an evil snake which usually came khổng lồ destroy this area và kill many people. The King of this country had declared that he would give a big fortune và many great presents for anyone who kill the monster. However noone could kill the snake so every year people in the area had to lớn bring a man và many kinds of food come to the temple for him. That year was the turn of Lý Thông. He was the one who had khổng lồ be a special food for the monster. Lý Thông và his mother had thought carefully and decided they should cheated Thạch Sanh & he would be eaten instead of Lý Thông.

Coming lớn the temple with happy feeling, Thạch sinh didn’t know what was waiting for him that night. When the darkness came, strong wind started khổng lồ blow. There was many weird sounds which would scare many people. However Thạch sinh was very calm, thinking it would just the beginning of a big storm. In the late evening, the boss came. The snake was used to with his delicious food for years so he didn’t want to eat Thạch sinh immediately. He wanted to lớn make him scared khổng lồ dead. Thạch sinh used his hammer and all the knowledge in martial arts lớn against the monster. After hours of fighting, Thạch sinh killed the monster. He cut the snake’s head lớn bring home and burnt the body. When it was burnt totally, a golden bow và arrow appeared. Thạch sanh picked them up and went lớn his home.

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Lý Thông and his mother believed that Thạch sanh would have died. They nearly lost their mind when hearing Thạch sanh voice told them open the door. They thought that Thạch sanh was a ghost and came to blame them. They burnt incenses and prayer aloud. Thạch sanh was surprised why his mother and his brother didn’t open the door. He tried to tell them that he was back and brought a hug snake head. Lý Thông and his mother opened the door, telling Thạch sinh that they were too worried about him in such a tough day. They asked Thạch sanh about the hug snake. Thạch sanh told him what happened. Lý Thông pretended to be so scared & told him that the snake was a pet of the King và killing the snake is a terrible crime. The King must order to kill you and all people related to you – said Lý Thông. Thạch sanh was so scared. He told he just wanted to lớn kill a monster, didn’t know that he would bring a disaster lớn his family and himself. Lý Thông advised Thạch sinh should run away & he would try to vì something which help them get over the anger of the King. Believing in his dear brother, Thạch sinh came back to lớn his old banyan tree, tried khổng lồ hired himself.

Lý Thông và his mother, happy to lớn have an incredible good luck, brought the head of snake come lớn the King’s palace. The King was glad to lớn see the monster’s death, gave Ly Thong many precious things and declared him as a duke.

At that time, the King was preparing for the marriage of beloved daughter named Quỳnh Nga. The princess was very beautiful. Many princes wanted khổng lồ marry her but she still didn’t find the man she wanted. The King decided lớn hold a big festival lớn find a deserved husband for princess. Unluckily, a giant eagle showed up và brought the princess away. No princes dared to lớn fight against to lớn the eagle to lớn help the princess. Keeping the princess under his sharp claws, the eagle flight lớn his cave. Thạch Sanh, working in the forest, heard someone shouting. Looking into sky, he saw the eagle flying with a lady under his claws. Without hesitance, Thạch sanh shot him by a golden arrow. The eagle was shot in his wing. Although hurt a lot, he still tried to lớn brought the princess lớn his cave, locked her there. Thạch sanh followed the blood of the eagle, found out the cave. He turned back khổng lồ prepare for a big fighting.

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The King was so sad và hurt, ordered Lý Thông to lớn take many soldiers khổng lồ find the princess. Lý Thông tried to lớn find Thạch sinh for help. When meeting Thạch Sanh, Lý Thông told him about the duty The King gave khổng lồ him. Thạch sanh took Lý Thông and his soldiers lớn the cave. Thạch sinh used a long rope to lớn go down. The eagle was sleeping. Thạch sanh found out Quỳnh Nga scared và cried a lot. He told the princess not khổng lồ worry & he came khổng lồ help her get out. The princess thanked Thạch Sanh and asked his name. After that, Thạch sinh let the princess get out of the cave by the rope. Soldiers took her out. Thạch sinh waited for the rope to lớn get out but didn’t see anything. Unexpected, after saving the princess, Lý Thông ordered lớn filled the cave’s door. He was sure that he had killed Thạch sinh by filling the cave. He told the King that he found out and save the princess. The King said he would married Quỳnh Nga to Lý Thông. Quỳnh Nga was so angry that she became dumb. The King was so sad & delayed the wedding until she got well.

The eagle woke up. Having lost the princess, he was furious with Thạch Sanh and tried lớn kill him. Thạch sinh had lớn fight hard to lớn against the eagle. Finally, the eagle was killed. Being exhausted, Thạch sinh couldn’t get out the cave. He walked deep down the cave and saw a young man who was being kept in a iron cage. Thạch sinh help the man out. He was a prince of The King of Ocean. He invited Thạch Sanh lớn visit his palace. The Ocean King and the prince grateful thanked Thạch Sanh and wanted him lớn stay with them. However, Thạch sinh just wanted to come back home. The King gave him a magic lute.

Coming back khổng lồ the banyan tree again, Thạch sanh didn’t think of going to the royal palace và asked for his prize. He worked hard as usuall. The snake và the eagle, after being killed, became ghosts & planed lớn revenged. They stole precious thing in the royal palace & hid at Thạch Sanh’s place. Soliders follow the trace to the banyan tree & arrested Thạch Sanh. They put him in the jail. Thạch sinh felt sad, he played the lute. The sweet sound of it came to lớn the princess. Quỳnh Nga smiled và started to lớn speak again. She asked lớn meet her father. She told the King all the true about who saved her. The King released Thạch Sanh and let him married the princess. He also gave Lý Thông and his mother khổng lồ Thạch sanh decided how khổng lồ treat. Thạch sinh let them go. However, they was killed by a thunder when walking on a road. They became a kind of bug which always live in dirty areas.

Seeing Quỳnh Nga married a poor man, princes of 18 countries who had come khổng lồ propose marriage to her were so furious. They brought their armies to lớn prepare for a war. People were very worried. Thạch sanh begged the King not khổng lồ worried. He played the magic lute. The sound made all soldiers feel homesick and bored that they didn’t want to lớn fight. Thạch sinh gave tiny pot and asked all princes if their solder could eat all rice in the pot. They laughed a lot và seemed khổng lồ despise him. Thạch sanh cooked rice in the tiny pot và invited all princes và their soldiers khổng lồ eat. They ate and ate but the pot was still fulled of rice. 18 princes had khổng lồ surrender và back to their country. When the King became older và weak, he gave his kingdom khổng lồ Thạch Sanh. Thạch sanh became a good king. He and Quỳnh Nga lived happily :up:

Princes và a beautiful princess, a hug snake, a giant eagle (well, now you don't need lớn ask me why we would wait to see an eagle

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